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The Mystery of the Trees - Markers of Native American Culture

In 2006, as the Mountain Stewards, a non-profit
group of retirees, began to build trails that
enable people to experience the mountains of
North Georgia, they became intrigued by oddly-
shaped trees that some claimed were bent by
Native American Indians. In the best tradition of
scientific exploration, the mystery they began to
probe in their own backyard raised more
universal questions, which led to a search for
these trees across the entire US and into
Canada where they were joined by others who
are interested in these trees. As the story
unfolds, tribal elders provide a glimpse into
understanding a part of their culture derived from
a long history of living close to nature. The
strange bent trees that remain tell a compelling
story that calls for their preservation as living
artifacts that point the way to sustainability for
future generations.
Mystery of the Trees in Indian History
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