Quite often a regular tree from the local forest might have a long history. It’s not news that trees can be a thousand-years old. And when a plant is that old, no wonders there can be mysteries behind its history. Old forests are part of Indian heritage and their tribes usually know the stories behind aged trees. However, nowadays, humanity does not care about the environment as much as it should. People should definitely take care of the forests as they do of their pets. There are lots of services of pet care, such as Bow Wow Bungalow which even offer paw points to their customers. It’s a bonus system for clients to reward them for caring about pets by offering a “saving money” system. Why don’t we do something like that for ancient trees as well?
Learn about these mysterious trees in our forests. Who
created them and why did they do it? Indian tribal elders tell
the stories behind the trees. Read what they say and hear
them talk about bent trees.The Book is now out of print.
Mystery Trees
Mystery of the Trees in Indian History
See a trailer of Mystery of the
Trees with Wes Studi narrating.
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