Authors of the Mystery of the Trees.
After completing a 28 year career in the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps and a ten year
career in a private engineering consulting firm, Don and Diane retired to North Georgia
in 2000 where they built their home as a Christian retreat center. In 2003, Don and
several others formed the Mountain Stewards as a non-profit 501(c)(3)  organization.
Initially, the purpose of the organization was focused on developing hiking trails in
North Georgia where none had previously existed. Their secondary purpose was
locating and preserving Indian cultural heritage sites. In 2007, the Mountain Stewards
launched, in conjunction with others, the National Trail Tree Project to located,
document and preserve Trail Trees which are part of the heritage of Native Americans.     
As a part of this project, the Mountain Stewards began developing a video  
documentary on the Trail Trees. In late 2007, the Mountain Stewards launched the
Indian Trails Mapping Program to more precisely map Indian Trails from old survey maps
of the 1700 and 1800's era. Part of his heritage is Lenape Indian.

Diane’s career was is in education and history. She taught in the public school systems
in places Don’s Navy career took their family. With a passion for children who have
trouble learning in crowded classrooms, she and her business partner set up a tutoring
business to help these children break out of the mold of being thought of as poor
learners. Their tutoring business not only helped the children achieve academic
successes but they helped the parents as well to mentor their children’s continued
  With a passion for history, she has been an integral part of the Indian Trail Tree
Project serving in a research role and working in the field on mapping, filming and
locating the Indian Trees. She is the co-author of the book Mystery of the Trees.

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