The Mystery of the Trees, a fascinating new book and DVD set, is the result of six years of research. It
documents a rapidly disappearing part of the cultural heritage of Indians and the Native American
culture- the mystery trees.

All of the meanings of the mystery trees, sometimes known as bent trees, are not known. Some of
them point to graves, sacred sites, water, shelter, and stream crossings. Others which mark old Indian
trails are called trail trees. However, today, there are few who know the whole story and can share it
with others. Recognition and preservation of these mystery  trees, which are sacred to the Indians, is
very important. Many have been destroyed by age, urban growth, farming, road construction or in some
cases vandals.

Now, through interviews with tribal elders and extensive research, the story of the mystery trees is
again claiming its rightful place in the history of the first people of this land. Click here to learn more
about these facinating trees and the Indian culture in general.
Comments on Mystery of the Trees

Diane M. GA:  “You have given a voice to the trees, answering questions that I have always had about them and giving recognition to the resourcefulness of our Native Americans.”

Dave P. GA:  “What can I say. A masterpiece.”

Linda H., KS: “Thanks, Don & Diane for a wonderful book …. Very well done!”

Bob G. AR:  “I purchased two of the “Mystery of the Trees” books, one for myself and my Granddaughter, and I have found the book to be very well written, interesting, and informative and it is helping me understand some of the Arkansas Indian history, not taught in schools, and what to look for when I am in the woods. A very good book and a must read.”
Mystery of the Trees in Indian History
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Mystery of the Trees